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Bought for a project that never materialized. Due to printing constraints concerning color pictures, the above. Simply lift both forks out of the case.

If I google it, I find. · G1162 = July 11 1966, shift 2 That is the T-10 borgwarner super t10 rebuild manual pdf from my July &39;66 San Jose car - very, very late in the model year. The 82 models have a shifter bracket that mounts to the passenger side of the transmission that places the shifter directly on top of the transmission with the shifter rods coming down. To assemble the transmission, you basically reverse the disassembly process. This will be replaced with the rebuild kit. The main difference is the sequence for removing the mainshaft and gears without using special pullers.

The T5 requires only two measurements for assembly. What I don&39;t find is a lot of information on is the rebuild process. Your Super T10- transmission comes with an 8 tooth drive gear, and multiple driven gear options are available, please see page 15 for a list of options, as well as a speedometer gear ratio formula. BORG-WARNER T-10, SUPER T-10, FORD/MERCURYbolt curved bottom side cover BORG-WARNER T-10, GM ASbolt curved bottom side cover BORG-WARNER T-10, FORD/MERCURYbolt curved bottom side cover NEW PROCESS, MOPAR B-BODYbolt side cover BORG-WARNER T-10, FORD/MERCURYbolt curved bottom side cover BORG-WARNER.

Below find a detailed list includes rebuilt transmissions, bearing rebuild kitswith T10 4 Speed Transmissionsyncro rings and without synchro rings. BorgWarner Mercedes Benz KRemanufactured Turbocharger RBMBorgWarner Remanufactured Turbocharger RBM4307241R91 BorgWarner HE431VE Remanufactured Turbocharger RBM3773442. 5” clutch included, part number. The T-10 is used in applications for performance type automobiles and light trucks. Borg Warner T10 & Super T10. From 1979 until 1981, the transmission was modified to use 2.

Kit include 4 synchronizer rings, SEALED main bearings, countershaft, gaskets, all seals, strut keys and springs. The first passenger- car 4-speed was the T10. Yokes: All Super T10 and Super T10 plus transmissions use a 32 spline, turbo 400 slip yoke. t10 & super t10 transmission parts & rebuild kits Sort By: Featured Items Newest Items Best Selling A to Z Z to A By Review Price: Ascending Price: Descending R 350 3L30 700R4 4L60E 4L65E 4L70E 4L30E SM318 SM319 ST300 JETAWAY SAGINAW ETC TRANSMISSION & BW1372 NP207 NP231 NP233 NP247 NP249 TRANSFER CASE TAIL HOUSING BUSHING 1. Its not a Super T-10 (that came much later) but its also not like the earlier T-10s even in Fords for &39;65. I am almost ready to start the rebuild of my T10 (HEK-M) 4 speed transmission in my 65.

. part number 345215. Super T10 Parts We carry a complete inventory of OEM Richmond Gear parts and transmissions for the Super T10. Complete overhaul kit for Borg Warner Super T10 Transmissions. It would only see 400 hp. 5 Liter Engines (pdf, 598 kb) BorgWarner S400 Replacement Turbos for Cummins M11 Engines (pdf, 1285 kb) Beware of non-original parts (pdf, 2117 kb). Like the Muncie, they have a side cover, a mid-plate-supported mainshaft, reverse shifter shaft in the tailhousing and a countergear supported by a pressed-in countershaft with loose needle roller bearings and thrust washers. Date: July 03th Page 6 of 64 open, honest, and timely communication.

T10 Complete Overhaul Kit GM, FORD or AMC. Look for casting identification on the transmission casing. Borg Warner Super T10 manual trans. . Borg Warner T10 transmissions have a nine-bolt side cover. T10 Borg Warner 4 Speed Transmissions Information and parts One of the most popular 4 speed transmissions is the Muscle Car 4 speed Borg-Warner T10 manual transmission.

See full list on musclecardiy. Believe it&39;s a Power Brute, which was an over the counter speed part. This kit includes a new set of brass synchro rings, all bearings, seals, and gaskets, new thrust washers, and a small parts kit. Complete Overhaul kit for Borg Warner T10 transmissions. Here is the complete assembly of a Super T10 4 Speed. Get the best deals for borg warner super t 10 transmission at eBay. Part numbers 1-BK118WS - Master Bearing Kit - Bearing, Seals, Gaskets and Synchronizer RingsFree lower 48 states shippingPlease know that your positive feedback and 5 star rating on eBay to us is appreciated, vital and very valuable to the continued success of our business.

· The 82 Camaros used a Borg Warner Super T-10 4 speed but the tailshaft and shifter mounting are completely different than all the other Super T10 transmissions. T5s do not use any gaskets. Rebuild kit included as well. If they are used for heavy-duty street/strip use, we add one of our countergear stabilizer plates. Complete gasket set for all T10 & Super T10 transmissions.

Turbochargers in the Workshop (pdf, 1623 kb) K26/K27 Turbos for Marine Applications (pdf, 868 kb) S300 Replacement Turbos for Navistar DT466E Engines (pdf, 568 kb) Replacement Turbos for GM Series 6. They make a "VINTAGE" formula for older transmissions like the Super T-10 and Muncies. Rebuild kits have selective fit rings, and you fit the largest ring you can in the groove. Get the book here! com, the "T10" designation and the code, "13-04," is sometimes cast on the transmission housing. Some T10 part numbers today still use the T85 prefix. The four-speed design came about when B-W moved the reverse gear to the tail shaft on a Borg Warner T-85 three-speed, to make room in the case for the additional fourth gear used in the T-10.

The factory used black RTV, but I recommend. The Correct Quality T10 Manual Transmission Parts the First Time. Borg Warner numbers are relatively simple to follow as the borgwarner super t10 rebuild manual pdf only change in the gear part number is the letter designation itself, which is replaced borgwarner with a __ in the example below: T10__ - 8 Cluster gear T10__ - 16 Input shaft (4th gear) T10__ - 11 3rd gear T10__ - 31 2nd gear T10__ - 12 1st gear. Borg Warner R10 Overhaul Instruction originally posted on on their “early burbs” page at: www.

As mentioned before, the Super T10 disassembles are similar to the T10 and Muncie 4-speed. The T10 became an option in Corvettes in May 1957. Start your assembly by placing the 1-2 synchro assembly without the bronze rings on the mainshaft and the first-speed gear sleeve. Muncie and T10 mainshafts with all the gears intact can simply be pulled out.

While the “Big Three” American car makers couldn&39;t agree on much during the 50s and 60s regarding engine size, horsepower and rear-end ratios, one thing they did agree on was the Borg Warner T10 4-speed transmission, which they all used in various vehicles at that time. The first option is to remove the front bearing, which allows you to raise the mainshaft while. In 1995 I thought the T5 would make a great road-racing transmission for cars up to 400 hp. Seal Gasket Bushing Kit Ford T10. - Allstate Gear Stocks a Full line of Manual Transmission Rebuild Kits and Transfer Case Parts At Wholesale Pricing. In contrast, the ST10 has an upper third gear that cannot clear the lower countergear, but there are two ways around this problem. See more results. GM replaced the T10 with the Muncie in 1963.

Liberty Series Service Manual: Series 5000 Manual : Borg Warner 71C-72C Direct Drive and Reduction Ratios: Borg Warner Velvet Drive 71C-72C All Ratios. · Borg Warner Super T10 Dismantling. Power of Collaboration BorgWarner is both a community of entrepreneurial businesses and. super t 10 partial rebuild. The build techniques are similar to the Muncie, and after a while, one becomes proficient at building this style of transmission. Super T10 Overhaul Kit.

I ordered my rebuild kit, new shift forks, and torque lock sliders. According to Drivetrain. Initial inspection looked good on the gears. T10 / Super T10 synchronizer / blocker ring. The T10 is a reliable transmission that continues to be used in a variety of restoration and replacement applications. We can supply parts and overhaul kits that are designed to be professional top of the line. · The T-10 transmission is one of the most popular transmissions in asphalt racing.

Seal Gasket Bushing Kit Super T10. Seals, bushings and washers, individual bearings, synchro rings and slider, ring kits. I’ve found that if you preload the countergear with 4 to 6 inchpounds of drag, borgwarner super t10 rebuild manual pdf and you keep the upp.

From 1974 until 1982, Borg-Warner produced the transmission for GM&39;s A-body and F-body sports cars. Popular among racers and rodders, the T10 closely resembles the Muncie 4-speed, another well-known transmission in the performance industry. The JT5 was created for a Jaguar race team in late 1995. Jaguars required a very short transmission, so basically I shortened the T5 from 24 to 15 inches using a custom-designed mainshaft and tailhousing.

Remove the transmission from your car as per your shop manual’s instructions. To me there were plenty of transmissions rated for more than 500 hp, and I felt the use of these big transmissions in 200-hp applications would simply rob too much power. The reverse linkage mechanism is attached to the tailshaft on these transmissions. As a global company, we invite and embrace the diversity of all our people. T10 / Super T10 Gasket Set. Some also have a reverse brake, which acts as synchro for reverse gear. Use a 1/2-inch socket and ratchet to remove the nine side-cover bolts and side cover.

Early T10 transmissions were used in GM and Ford products. We designed the plate to keep preloads constant as well as add steel support for the rearcountergear bearing race. Chevy T10 4-Speed Transmission Parts & Rebuild Kits.

BorgWarner Supplier Manual Rev. Borg Warner produced many 3 speed manual transmissions. Best transmission oil for Borg warner t10 Discussion in &39;.

If you do not see what you are looking for borgwarner super t10 rebuild manual pdf here please call us ator drop us an email. 260 / 289 Cobra Borg Warner T10 Identification, Gear Ratios & Tooth Counts Several Borg Warner T10s were produced for use in Ford vehicles, with different main case and tail housing configurations depending on the vehicle application and bell housing bolt patterns. Car is long gone. Borg Warner Super T10 4 Speed Transmission Rebuild KitHigh Performance Forged Synchronizer Rings made by Synchroking! The mainshaft and a. Aluminum bellhousing for 10. The RICHMOND Super T-10 is a four speed countershaft helical gear transmission synchronized in all forward gears. In 1985, I was doing a great deal of rebuilding for several new car dealers.

Clutches and Dampers. Need rebuild kit or parts for your Muscle Car 4 speed Borg-Warner T10 manual transmission? First and reverse are constant mesh to prevent gear clash. Strut-type synchronizers are provided for longer life and easier shifting.

What is a Cobra Warner T10? We have include information here on how to identify individual transmissions, application information, model year,and detailed kit and part availability by transmission type.

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